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Head Trainer

Coy Moyers


Coy has always been captivated by the horse.  Even as a small child, he could just sit and watch them.  But he did not think of horses as a career choice, and thought a more typical profession would suit him in the long run.  He experimented with many careers, from freight truck driving to night club management to law enforcement. Nothing stuck.

Eventually he got a job as a server at Dixie Stampede, a horseback dinner theatre.  After befriending riders in the show, he started to learn the art of becoming a horseman.  After working with a few young horses, Coy stumbled across a VHS copy of Dell Hendricks' training series.  The style of training appealed to Coy, and more importantly, he saw his first reining horses and reining competitions through the videos.  He was immediately enthralled by the reiners, and his focus was born.

Around that time, Dixie Stampede acquired a horse by Smart Chic Olena called Rio.  Coy became the primary caretaker of Rio, responsible for his daily upkeep and show prep.  Trained in reining, Rio cultivated Coy's interest further.  He went hunting for an area trainer and found the previous owner and trainer of Rio was not far from him.

Coy met Jason and David Gann, a father and son duo of incredible horseman.  They were hospitable and forthright with their knowledge, teaching Coy to control, teach, and refine the reining maneuvers.  He credits his days at the Gann's Lazy D Ranch with much of his knowledge of horsemanship and ability to study the horse.

While learning at the Lazy D, Coy continued to work at Dixie Stampede as a rider in the dinner show.  He was there the day they hired Nikki, and claims he started to chase her immediately, pursuing her until she stopped running.  They purchased Coy's first horse together, training her from the ground up.  Though he did not know it at the time, that horse had sewn the seeds of Capital M.  

Coy has studied nearly every discipline of riding, from dressage to natural horsemanship, and he always returns to his reiners.  After a decade together, Coy and Nikki continue to build their business and home around the reiners Coy loves so much.


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Coy Moyers
Coy Moyers


Business & Breeding Manager

Nikki Moyers

Nikki's love of horses began when she was a small girl, but it was not from pony rides or fairs that she discovered them; her love grew from books about horses, especially Anna Sewell's The Black Stallion and Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague. It was not until several years later that she got to ride and care for her own first horse, Dee.

Nikki spent her youth trail and pleasure riding, and searching out horses wherever she went. On a vacation to Myrtle Beach, her grandparents took her to see Dixie Stampede, a Civil War themed dinner show performed on horseback. "When I grow up, I'm going to work here!" an eight year old Nikki exclaimed after the show. And fifteen years later, she did exactly that, auditioning and getting a job at Dixie Stampede's Tennessee location.  And it was there that she met Coy.

Coy and Nikki's shared love of horses led to the joint purchase of a two year old ranch bred Quarter Horse that they called Delilah.  That mare became the founding broodmare of their breeding program, and is loving her life as a mama producing beautiful foals.

Nikki graduated from the University of Findlay, participating in their Western riding program for a year before deciding to pursue a theatre degree instead.  She continued to ride regularly.  She has tried out many disciplines, including reining, trail, dressage, and most recently began taking hunter jumper lessons. 

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Nikki Moyers
Nikki Moyers